Top 5 Takeaways Decline in Vaccination Intent and Confidence Over 3 Months: Parental intent to vaccinate children under 5 against COVID-19 and confidence in vaccine safety and effectiveness decreased within

Top 5 Takeaways Omicron BA.1 Shows Higher Ct Values: The Omicron BA.1 sublineage exhibited higher cycle threshold (Ct) values compared to pre-Omicron variants, indicating lower RNA levels in nasal swabs.

Top 5 Takeaways Significant Decrease in Mortality: In-hospital mortality for COVID-19 patients decreased from 15.1% during the Delta variant period to 4.9% in the later Omicron period (April–June 2022). High-Risk

Top 5 Takeaways Second mRNA COVID-19 Booster’s Efficacy: In nursing home residents, a second mRNA COVID-19 booster was found to be 74% effective at 60 days against severe COVID-19 outcomes

Top 5 Takeaways Significant Underutilization of Antivirals: Review of 110 immunosuppressed Veterans Health Administration patients with nonsevere COVID-19 showed 80% were not offered antiviral drugs, primarily due to mild symptoms.

Top 5 Takeaways Effectiveness of Monovalent mRNA Vaccines: During the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.1/BA.2 and BA.4/BA.5 periods, the effectiveness of three-dose monovalent mRNA vaccines against COVID-19–associated hospitalization waned over time. Vaccine

Top 5 Takeaways Vaccine Effectiveness (VE): Among immunocompromised adults, the VE of 2-dose monovalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccines against hospitalization during Omicron predominance was 36%. VE increased to 67% after a

Top 5 Takeaways Oral Antivirals for COVID-19: The study analyzes the dispensing of oral antiviral drugs, Paxlovid and Lagevrio, for COVID-19 treatment, focusing on zip code-level social vulnerability in the

Top 5 Takeaways Influenza vaccination coverage among Health Care Personnel (HCP) was 79.9% during the 2021–22 season. Primary COVID-19 vaccination completion was reported by 87.3% of HCP, with 67.1% of

Top 5 Takeaways Pronounced Disparities: From April to July 2022, Paxlovid treatment among COVID-19 patients aged ≥20 years was significantly lower for Black (35.8% less) and Hispanic (29.9% less) patients