Epidemiology, Broadly Speaking


Mission Statement

At Broadly Epi, we are dedicated to democratizing education in public health and epidemiology, fostering a community where knowledge in R, Python, and critical data analysis skills are accessible to all. Our core belief is that education, especially in these pivotal areas, should be free and open, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to and benefit from the wealth of public health knowledge. By providing comprehensive tutorials, practical exercises hosted on Cody’s GitHub, and a suite of services from consulting to software solutions, we empower our community with the tools needed for high-quality research and practice in public health.

Our journey is guided by the principles of health equity and the power of shared knowledge. We are committed to offering not just tutorials, but a platform for growth, dialogue, and innovation in tackling the world’s most pressing health challenges. Our services span the gamut from programming tutorials and statistical explanations to custom consulting projects and advanced software tools, all designed to enhance the capacity of public health professionals and enthusiasts alike.


As we evolve, so too will our resources and services, always with the aim of enhancing accessibility, understanding, and application of epidemiological and public health principles. We invite you to join us on this journey, to learn, to grow, and to contribute to a healthier, more equitable world.


About Us

Currently, Broadly Epi is written and maintained by Cody Carmichael, MPH, CPH (They/Them). I have worked for multiple years in disaster response, applied epidemiology, and public health in general. My research interests have been around Drug User Health, Mental Health, Injury Prevention, Resource Use Prediction, and Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations. I’ve created products including Machine Learning algorithms used on systems provided by The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and have created custom software solutions for both State and Local public health jurisdictions. At time of writing my work has contributed to deliverables for grants totaling over $1.8 Million.


Programming Tutorials

We Offer tutorials in R and Python, two of the most popular and versatile programming languages for Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis. We cover everything from installing R and Python to advanced Machine Learning/AI Methods! Tutorials released weekly.

Epi Explained

Wonder what an Epi Curve is? Get confused by the difference between a One and Two Tailed T-Test? Come check out Epi Explained, our series on Statistical Concepts, explained simply. We also break down the underlying math and assumptions so you can both understand and use these concepts effectively. Tutorials released weekly.

CPH Test Prep

Starting in Summer 2024! The Certified In Public Health certification is one of the top certifications for epidemiologists and public health workers in the United States. While we are not affiliated with the National Board of Public Health Examiners, we do offer tutoring services and tutorials on various topics found on the exam.

Software Tools

Starting in Summer 2024! We understand that even if you have big research goals, sometimes local resources just aren’t enough. We plan to start releasing a software suite that can not only provide a collated data environment, but also a suite of tools that allow no-code implementation of cutting edge analytic techniques.