Top 5 Takeaways Increased Protection with Boosters: Additional primary or booster COVID-19 vaccine doses significantly enhance protection against the Omicron variant in nursing home residents, showing a relative vaccine effectiveness

Top 5 Takeaways Increased Incidence of Post-COVID Conditions: Adults who survived COVID-19 are at a higher risk of developing conditions such as pulmonary embolism and respiratory symptoms, with 38% of

Top 5 Takeaways New Vaccination Recommendation: As of February 28, 2024, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends an additional dose of the updated (2023–2024 Formula) COVID-19 vaccine for

Top 5 Takeaways High Infection and Hospitalization Rates: Throughout the study period, SARS-CoV-2 infection rates ranged from 61.4 to 133.8 per 10,000 nursing home residents, with a peak of 133.8

Top 5 Takeaways Initial Vaccine Effectiveness: The original monovalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was 52% effective in preventing COVID-19-related hospitalization in children and adolescents when the last dose was received within

Top 5 Takeaways Disproportionately Higher COVID-19 Impact on AI/AN Persons: AI/AN individuals in Alaska experienced COVID-19 illness, hospitalization, and death rates approximately 2 to 3 times higher than White persons

Top 5 Takeaways Lower-cost Ventilation Strategies Predominate: The majority of U.S. K–12 public schools reported using lower-cost ventilation improvement strategies, such as relocating activities outdoors and opening doors or windows.

Top 5 Takeaways Initial Disparities in Vaccination Coverage: Early in the vaccination campaign, Asian and non-Hispanic White adults had the highest COVID-19 vaccination coverage, while coverage was lower among Hispanic,

Top 5 Takeaways Low incidence of sudden cardiac death post-vaccination: Among 1,292 deaths of Oregon residents aged 16–30 during the study period, only three sudden deaths occurred within 100 days

Top 5 Takeaways Significant Increase in Vaccine Supply: From 2021 to 2023, COVID-19 vaccine doses received in the African Region increased from 321 million to 860 million, with 646 million