Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Strategic Public Health Recommendations: Emphasis on vaccination and therapeutics to prevent severe illness, complemented by nonpharmaceutical interventions for exposure risk reduction and focus on high-risk individuals.
  2. Vaccination and Booster Importance: Highlighting the critical role of up-to-date vaccination, including booster doses, in reducing severe illness and death, despite disparities in booster coverage across racial and ethnic groups.
  3. Preexposure Prophylaxis for Immunocompromised Individuals: Utilization of Evusheld for those with moderate to severe immunocompromise or severe adverse reaction risks to COVID-19 vaccination, alongside early antiviral treatment if infected.
  4. COVID-19 Treatment Accessibility: The role of antiviral medications and monoclonal antibodies in treating at-risk populations, with efforts to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in treatment access.
  5. Adaptable Prevention Strategies: Use of COVID-19 Community Levels to guide preventive measures based on local transmission rates, hospital strain, and individual or household risk for severe illness.

Original Article Author and Citation

Corresponding Author

Greta M. Massetti,

Suggested Citation

Massetti GM, Jackson BR, Brooks JT, et al. Summary of Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems — United States, August 2022. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2022;71:1057-1064. DOI:


This report outlines comprehensive strategies to minimize the health and societal impacts of COVID-19. It stresses the importance of vaccination and therapeutic measures to prevent severe illness, alongside nonpharmaceutical interventions to mitigate exposure risk. A focus on protecting individuals at high risk for severe illness through informed, accessible, and equitable prevention measures is emphasized.


The recommendations are based on evolving scientific evidence, availability of biomedical and public health tools, and the need to adapt strategies in response to changes in virus transmission dynamics and population immunity levels.


The report discusses the significance of continuing public health efforts to increase vaccination coverage and ensure equitable access to prevention and treatment options. It highlights the necessity of adapting prevention strategies based on local COVID-19 Community Levels and the critical role of public health communication in helping individuals understand and navigate their risks.


The continued circulation of SARS-CoV-2 necessitates sustainable public health practices that focus on reducing severe COVID-19 outcomes and health care system strain. Effective vaccination, therapeutic interventions, and adaptable prevention strategies remain central to these efforts.

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