Top 5 Takeaways Rapid Outbreak Following School Event: An outbreak of influenza A(H3N2) occurred among attendees of a school banquet, with 41% of students reporting symptoms within a median of

Top 5 Takeaways Low severity and unusual pattern: The 2021–22 influenza season was characterized by low severity, with activity spanning from October 2021 through mid-June 2022, showcasing two distinct waves

Top 5 Takeaways Influenza vaccination coverage among Health Care Personnel (HCP) was 79.9% during the 2021–22 season. Primary COVID-19 vaccination completion was reported by 87.3% of HCP, with 67.1% of

Top 5 Takeaways Racial and ethnic disparities in influenza hospitalizations and vaccination coverage have persisted in the U.S. from 2009–10 through 2021–22, with Black, American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN), and Hispanic

Top 5 Takeaways Influenza A(H3N2) virus, specifically clade 3C.2a1b.2a.2, emerged in Chile much earlier than in pre-pandemic seasons, resulting in 1,002 hospitalizations in 2022. The influenza vaccination was found to

Top 5 Takeaways 6% of pediatric influenza hospitalizations had concurrent SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) coinfection during the 2021–22 influenza season. Coinfected patients exhibited a higher need for respiratory support (invasive or noninvasive)