Top 5 Takeaways 1. Bromazolam Might Be Sold as Benzodiazepines: Identified as a counterfeit benzodiazepine, bromazolam use has increased, often found in combination with fentanyl. 2. Severe Health Impacts: Three

Top 5 Takeaways Recurrent Drug Shortages: The U.S., particularly California, has faced recurring shortages of first- and second-line TB drugs, impacting treatment regimens. High Priority Concern: California TB programs rated

Top 5 Takeaways Second Outbreak in Recent Years: This report covers the second outbreak of TB related to bone allografts in recent years, with 36 recipients affected. Initial Detection and

Top 5 Takeaways: Median monthly overdose deaths among adolescents aged 10-19 years increased by 109% from July–December 2019 to July–December 2021. Deaths involving illicitly manufactured fentanyls (IMFs) rose by 182%,

Top 5 Takeaways: Demographics and Risk Behaviors: Among 719 mpox patients in NYC, 97.9% were men, predominantly identifying as gay or queer (78.7%), or bisexual (5.6%). A significant proportion reported

Top 5 Takeaways: Bivalent mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness: The study found that bivalent mRNA vaccines are effective in preventing COVID-19–associated emergency department/urgent care encounters and hospitalizations among immunocompetent adults. Comparative Analysis:

Top 5 Takeaways: One-Dose JYNNEOS Vaccine Efficacy: One dose of JYNNEOS vaccine, administered ≥14 days before illness onset, demonstrated some protective effects against mpox, including reduced symptoms and lower hospitalization

Top 5 Takeaways 1. Effectiveness of Bivalent Booster: The study found an 84% effectiveness of the bivalent booster against COVID-19 hospitalization compared to unvaccinated individuals. 2. Relative Vaccine Effectiveness: Compared