Top 5 Takeaways Higher barriers to healthcare for adults with epilepsy: Compared to adults without epilepsy, those with active or inactive epilepsy face more significant challenges in accessing necessary medical

Top 5 Takeaways Significant Decline During Early Pandemic: The early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a sharp decrease in seizure- or epilepsy-related emergency department (ED) visits across all age

Top 5 Takeaways Link between SDOH, HRSNs, and Mammography: Women experiencing more adverse Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and Health-Related Social Needs (HRSNs) reported lower mammography use, highlighting significant barriers

Top 5 Takeaways New Vaccine Approval: The FDA has approved the Pfizer Pentavalent Meningococcal Vaccine (MenACWY-TT/MenB-FHbp, branded as Penbraya) for individuals aged 10–25 years to protect against serogroups A, B,

Top 5 Takeaways High Infection and Hospitalization Rates: Throughout the study period, SARS-CoV-2 infection rates ranged from 61.4 to 133.8 per 10,000 nursing home residents, with a peak of 133.8

Top 5 Takeaways Initial Vaccine Effectiveness: The original monovalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was 52% effective in preventing COVID-19-related hospitalization in children and adolescents when the last dose was received within

Top 5 Takeaways Significant Increase in Heat-Related Illnesses: Emergency department (ED) visits for heat-related illnesses in the U.S. spiked during May–September 2023, especially among males and adults aged 18–64. Impact

Top 5 Takeaways Reemergence of Poliovirus in Malawi: Despite the WHO’s declaration in 2020 that the African Region was free from wild poliovirus, a case was confirmed in Malawi in