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As a Queer owned business, we know how important it is to get health data right. We approach every problem, topic and project with an equity focus that results in approaches and solutions that prioritize communities first. We also know that teaching with these principles in mind is critical to create a more inclusive, effective workforce in the newest generations of public health workers and scientists.

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Whether you want to sift through text data on your quest to find out what’s really going on with ghosts and their after life experiences, have records from cryptid counseling sessions you need to analyze for potential biases, or just need an algorithm to help you on your next steps in a perilous journey, we’re here to help!



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Programming Tutorials

We Offer tutorials in R and Python, two of the most popular and versatile programming languages for Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis. We cover everything from installing R and Python to advanced Machine Learning/AI Methods! Tutorials released weekly.

Epi Explained

Wonder what an Epi Curve is? Get confused by the difference between a One and Two Tailed T-Test? Come check out Epi Explained, our series on Statistical Concepts, explained simply. We also break down the underlying math and assumptions so you can both understand and use these concepts effectively. Tutorials released weekly.

CPH Test Prep

Starting in Summer 2024! The Certified In Public Health certification is one of the top certifications for epidemiologists and public health workers in the United States. While we are not affiliated with the National Board of Public Health Examiners, we do offer tutoring services and tutorials on various topics found on the exam.

Software Tools

Starting in Summer 2024! We understand that even if you have big research goals, sometimes local resources just aren’t enough. We plan to start releasing a software suite that can not only provide a collated data environment, but also a suite of tools that allow no-code implementation of cutting edge analytic techniques.